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Our company

JD Welding started its existence in year 1990 by providing welding repairs and services to the community. The business grew potentially and in year 1999, the owners  Jacques and Nathalie Duval, decided to incorporate its operations under the name JD Welding Inc. The main field of expertise is now the fabrication of aluminum, stainless steel, steel and galvaniized products tailored to the needs of specific customers. In 2003 Acier Duval Steel division was created for the sale of materials.


In 2007, the owners decided to expand the market by moving operations, offices, equipment and inventory to larger premises, but especially near major centers on a highway between Montreal and Ottawa. This visibility allows them to be closer to their customers.


In 2023 incorporation of Acier Duval Steel Inc. the business owners with their sons has not stopped innovating in their equipment and want to improve their manufacturing capacity. They will then grow and develop their areas of experience with various equipment including Fiber Laser, Waterjet, Plasma cutting table all 5ft x 10ft,  punching, rolling, bending and shearing In addition they are specialized in storage cabinet, Acier Duval Steel Inc. becomes the # 1 in Canada in propane cage manufacturing, we can find the cabinets across Canada.

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